Boat World of East Bethel Minnesota is a proud dealer of Weeres Pontoons.

Weeres Pontoons was formed in 1952 from a mill owner’s simple idea. From the the rural town of Richmond, Minn., Ambrose Weeres had theorized that if you put a wooden platform on top of two columns of steel barrels, welded together end to end, you would have a sturdy deck that would be more stable on a lake than a conventional boat. With his first prototype, the pontoon boat was born. Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, Weeres thought his idea might have some marketing potential. Weeres invented the Pontoon in Minnesota. Weeres Pontoons continues leading to this day. In 1991, Weeres was elected to the Minnesota Marine Hall of Fame for his contribution to the world of boating.

Weeres Pontoons are Manufactured by Premier Marine at the Premier Pontoon factory located in Wyoming, Minnesota. Weeres are manufactured with NMMA certification, which adheres to strict standards of quality and safety standards. NMMA Certification is a program designed to help boat manufacturers construct boats five times safer than a non-certified boat Innovative design for comfort and convenience have brought Weeres Pontoons into a new era of boating. 

Weeres Pontoons at Boat World Feature:
  • Solid aluminum keel adds strength, wear resistance, and
  • All Weeres Boats Here at Boat World are 8’6” wide
    prohibits invasive species
  • Precision-welded seams use automated pulse technology for superior
    weld quality
  • .080 ga. aluminum 25” tubes
  • Multi-chambered tubes add strength and stability
  • Fully welded en d caps are stamped and domed for added strength
  • Positive Airlock System (PALS) prevents tubes from filling if punctured
  • 100% wood-free Rotocast furniture frames
  • EZ Access front-lift seat-bottom hinges
  • Marine-grade vinyl with PreFixx protective finish
  • Chassis (tubes, cross members, transom)
  • Marine-grade plywood ¾”
  • Rotocast furniture frames
  • Marine base vinyl
  • Marine-grade flooring

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